What is Realtime Search?

The web has become a social place, and social networks are here to stay. With the enormous growth of the social web, and with the mind-blowing number of people using these popular services, it has become important for high traffic websites, such as search engines, to include the information from those networks in their current services. This can be done by either blending it into the regular search results, or presenting it as standalone services. Or, of course, you could do both. And that's exactly what we did!

When to use Realtime Search

Using the drop-down menu on Entireweb's front page, or top menu buttons on the results page, you can switch into the Realtime search mode. By doing this, you will get results for current events related to your search. The most popular and shared stories, from all around the the web right now, will be at the top of the results list. Realtime search can be a very helpful tool when looking for recent events, stories and news.

The difference between regular Web search and Realtime search is that where the former returns the most relevant web sites for a given keyword, the latter also checks for current, ongoing social media buzz from various sources, and weights that into the relevancy algorithm.

Who shared what & when?

All the information in the Realtime search is based on one, very important factor: Someone, somewhere shared it, by writing, digging or tweeting about it. That's why you, at the end of each result, can find a link to the person that first shared the given item. There is also a counter that tracks how many times each result got shared.