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Special Offer On Our Express Inclusion Program


We are very glad that you have submitted your webpage (webpages) to the search engine Entireweb and
would now like to thank you by giving you a special offer on our Express Inclusion program.

The regular yearly fee for this program is $24.00 per year and URL, but you are now able to try this service for only
$15.00 per year and URL.

We highly recommend you to try this and see what it can do for your website.

First, and most importantly, Entireweb Express Inclusion program give you the opportunity to have your pages indexed and added to search results very quickly (within two business days). This compares very favorably with the months that it can take to wait for the spider to find your pages on its own (and if you have no incoming links, the spider will never find your pages).

Entireweb provides over 100 Million searches per month, this includes sites such as Entireweb, Mamma.com, Ixquick.com, Search66.com, WindSeek.com and several other search engines on the Internet which means that your website will also be listed in all of the above search engines.

Fast Re-indexing
The paid inclusion spider will revisit your pages frequently (every 48 hours). This means that you can make tweaks to your pages designed to improve your rankings and see the results in days (rather than months).
If you have a "company news" page or a "hot products" page, this information will be updated every 2 business days. If you add a product, then people will know about it shortly after.

Now only $24.00 $15.00!

For more information, follow the link below.
Entireweb Express Inclusion: http://www.entireweb.com/specialoffer/











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FEB. 26,  ISSUE #003
Express Inclusion

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