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New Express Inclusion System


We are now very pleased to inform you that we have finished our new Express Inclusion system at Entireweb. With this new system you can purchase an unlimited number of URLs for each account and also take advantage of our special discounts on multiple orders.

Search engines are powerful and cost effective marketing platforms, delivering a high volume of qualified customers directly to your Web site. To receive this qualified traffic from search engines, your web pages must be available and up to date in their index.

The Entireweb Express Inclusion program is an easy, cost effective way to ensure that the millions of people who use Entireweb's search technology can find your site when they're looking for it. Best of all, Express Inclusion is low-overhead: you only pay for your full year inclusion, and there are no cost-per-click fees. All clicks you receive are free!

First, and most importantly, Entireweb Express Inclusion program give you the opportunity to have your pages indexed and added to search results very quickly
(within two business days). This compares very favorably with the months that it can take to wait for the spider to find your pages on its own (and if you have no incoming links, the spider will never find your pages).

Fast Re-indexing
The paid inclusion spider will revisit your pages frequently (every 48 hours). This means that you can make tweaks to your pages designed to improve your rankings and see the results in days (rather than months).
If you have a "company news" page or a "hot products" page, this information will be updated every 2 business days. If you add a product, then people will know about it shortly after.

With Express Inclusion, your content can be found throughout the Entireweb search partner network, including sites such as:

Entireweb.com IxQuick.com Search66.com
Ithaki Mamma.com WindSeek.com
and many more..

For more information, follow the link below.
Entireweb Express Inclusion: http://www.entireweb.com/eng/express/

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July. 5,  ISSUE #035

Entireweb Affiliate Program

Express Inclusion

The Entireweb Express Inclusion program ensures that your URL is listed in the premier search index at Entireweb within two business days.
The Entireweb network provides over 100 Million searches per month, this includes sites such as Entireweb, Mamma.com, Ixquick.com, Search66.com and several other search engines on the Internet

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Webmaster Tools
Get access to information about all the major search engines, including submission tips, how search engines rank their listings, important design issues relating to relevancy, and other web site promotion topics and tools.
One year membership only $49.00!

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Entireweb SiteSearch
Entireweb SiteSearch is the ideal solution if you are looking for a fast and robust search engine for your website.

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New Meta-Search Engine
Try our new lightning fast Meta-Search Engine. With a highly scalable meta-search engine technology, friendly interface and reliable search results, WindSeek.com is one of the strongest challengers to more recognized meta-search engines on the web today.

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Link to Us
In order to add Entireweb Web Search to your website, just follow the link below and copy the HTML code and paste it into your web page code to get an Entireweb Search box on your pages.

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Entireweb Partners
Mamma.com - The Mother of All Search Engines.

Ixquick.com - Ixquick submits your search to the major search engines and finds sites that are universally ranked in the top ten!

Trellian Software - eCommerce and software solutions.

Search66.com - Search66 is Australia's parallel search engine. Find what you're looking for on the Net in Australia (or the world) first time - every time!

WebScheme - A professional search engine submission service.

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