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One area of search engine marketing that has changed dramatically over the years is submissions. Submitting to the search engines used to be so complicated, with having to choose between manual versus software submissions; only being able to submit so many pages a day; having to be careful about oversubmitting; and the list goes on.

Submissions used to be the worst part of the search engine optimization process, at least for the majority of the people out there.

Now, I can literally write this whole article in two words: 

Pay Inclusion 

Yep, there you have it. If you want to take the headache out of submissions and if you want to make things much easier for YOU, use pay inclusion! 

Itís hard for someone like me to admit how powerful pay inclusion programs are, because Iíve been in this ďgameĒ long enough to remember when everything was free. So, moving into the pay realm has been a difficult thing to do. 

However, the benefits of pay inclusion far outweigh the cost.

Benefits of Pay Inclusion

Your pages are indexed much faster than submitting through free add URL or waiting for the spiders to find the pages on their own. 

By using pay inclusion, your pages are getting outside of the 95%+ spam that the engines say come through free add URL submissions. 

With pay inclusion, your pages are respidered on a very regular basis, depending on the engine. For example, Inktomi and Fast respider their pay inclusion pages every 48 hours. 

With pay inclusion, you never have to submit your pages again! As long as you continue to use pay inclusion, your pages will continue to get respidered based on each engineís schedule. 

Because your pages are respidered on a regular basis without your doing one single thing to initiate this action, you can make changes to your pages today and begin to see the results of those changes within a week. If you didnít use pay inclusion, you may not see the results of the changes for a month or two. 

If you use pay inclusion, youíre forming a "partnership" with the search engines, which I personally feel is important and very beneficial. Youíre now outside of the realm of the millions of spammers, and thatís exactly where you want to be. 

Most of the pay inclusion programs offer some sort of submission reports. 

Pay inclusion programs are ideal for dynamically generated sites. 
Now that weíve looked at the benefits of pay inclusion, I can highly recommend you to try this.

We recommend you to try the Entireweb Express Inclusion program and see what it can do for your webpage.

First, and most importantly, Entireweb Express Inclusion program give you 
the opportunity to have your pages indexed and added to search results very quickly (within two business days). This compares very favorably with the months that it can take to wait for the spider to find your pages on its own 
(and if you have no incoming links, the spider will never find your pages).

Fast Re-indexing
The express inclusion spider will revisit your pages frequently (every 48 
hours). This means that you can make tweaks to your pages designed to 
improve your rankings and see the results in days (rather than months). If 
you have a "company news" page or a "hot products" page, this information will be updated every 2 business days. If you add a product, then people will know about it shortly after.

For more information, follow the link below.

In Conclusion 
Rather than worrying with submitting your pages manually to each of the major engines, take advantage of the tremendous benefits of using pay inclusion. 

Then, let Google find your pages on its own, and hold off submitting to the Yahoo! directory for a while. 

Repeating what I said earlier in this article, the "key" to successful submissions these days can be summed up in two words: pay inclusion.

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