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Feb. 10,  ISSUE #100
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Cross promoting is a powerful technique used by many Internet marketers to increase the exposure of their products, services or publications. You simply decide what type of promotional exchange you would be interested in and contact fellow marketers to discuss an exchange.
The most effective technique used in cross promotions is recommendations. By providing each other with a personal recommendation you can increase your response rates tremendously.

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Here are some popular cross promoting techniques you can use to boost your business:

Link Exchanges
Exchange links with web sites similar to yours, but not in competition. Many Search Engines are now utilizing a new system that tracks and ranks sites according to the number of links pointing to a particular web site. By exchanging links with similar web sites, you will not only increase your Search Engine ranking, but you will also increase your web site traffic.

Ezine Ad Swaps
Exchange subscription ads with other ezine publishers. Ezine advertising is one of the best forms of advertising on the Internet. By swapping ads with fellow ezine publishers, you can run your ad in other publications free of charge.

Subscription Exchanges
Exchange subscription information with fellow ezine publishers. Provide recommendations within your ezine's welcome message, thank you page and even on your multiple subscription ezine form.

Ezine Column Swaps
Partner with a similar publication and provide content for each other. This may be a weekly tips column, question and answer column or whatever you'd like.

Byline Exchanges
Write articles and allow them to be freely published. Exchange byline information with fellow writers and provide recommendations.

With each article you write you are entitled to include your author bylines. Bylines are nothing more than an advertisement for you, your web site, products or services.

Instead of including your standard bylines, use half of the space for yourself and the other half to promote the writer you've partnered with.

Signature Exchanges
A signature or SIG file is a few lines of information about your business at the bottom of any form of Internet communication. Exchange SIG file information with other marketers and provide recommendations.

Ebook Exchanges

Partner with fellow Internet marketers and create free ebooks to freely distribute. The ebook should mutually benefit and promote both of you while providing valuable information for your visitors.

Private Web Rings
Set up a private web ring and partner with web sites that are similar to yours, but not in competition. Provide recommendations for each site within your ring.

Ride Alongs
A ride along is any extra information (advertisements) sent along with a direct mailing. You can use this same technique with any ezine solo mailings you may run by including an exchange recommendation within your mailing. In addition, you can include recommendations within your thank you letters you send out when you deliver your products.

An upsell is used when your customer is in the process of ordering your product. Another product is introduced for a small additional cost just as you're closing the sale. This technique is used with many infomercials when the customer calls in their order. The operator will introduce an additional product for a minimal extra charge. You can use this same technique on your order page. Trade product recommendations with fellow marketers.

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Free Bonus
Free bonuses are used as an incentive to increase sales. Provide and exchange bonuses with other marketers. This technique will not only increase your sales, but will also promote your products and services.

Forum and List Moderation
Trade forum or list moderation duties. Partner with similar web sites or lists and share in the moderation duties. Place short BIOS with links at the top of the forum or within each list post.

A quality recommendation will pull a much higher response rate than just a link or banner. Cross promote with individuals you truly respect and believe in, as your professional reputation is on the line.

Cross promotions provide Internet marketers with a powerful way to reach new potential customers. There is power in number, so get out there and start cross promoting!

About the author: Shelley Lowery is the author of the acclaimed web design course, Web Design Mastery. http://www.webdesignmastery.com And, Ebook Starter - Give Your Ebooks the look and feel of a REAL book. http://www.ebookstarter.com Visit Web-Source.net to sign up for a complimentary subscription to Etips and receive a copy of the acclaimed ebook, "Killer Internet Marketing Strategies." http://www.web-source.net

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