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May. 3,  ISSUE #123
 Express Inclusion
The Entireweb network provides over 100 Million searches per month, this includes sites such as Entireweb, Mamma.com, Ixquick.com, Search66.com, WindSeek.com and several other search engines on the Internet.
When you join our Free Affiliate Program you will automatically become a Entireweb partner. We feel this program will create a mutually beneficial, and profitable, relationship. Entireweb.com is committed to offering you and your Web site great customer service and a very good product.
With more than 250,000 subscribers you will reach webmasters and siteowners in matter of minutes.
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Entireweb offers what's called a Express Inclusion service without the cost-per-click pricing, also known as paid inclusion, paid indexing and paid spidering.

This service is a way to guarantee your site is kept in Entireweb's database and regularly indexed.

Until 10th April 2005 we are now giving you a discount on our Express Inclusion service. You are now able to try this great service for just $19.00 per URL instead of $24.00 per URL.

The major benefit to paying for inclusion is that it ensures your website is regularly updated in Entireweb, meaning users of Entireweb and its partner search engines will always see your most up to date listing.

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It is also useful for testing various titles and descriptions to see which ones achieve more click-thrus and for sites constantly tweaking their HTML code
to achieve a better ranking with the search engine algorithms.

With Entireweb Express Inclusion service you will get your site listed within 2 business days in the search results at Entireweb, which is also used by many
other search engines such as Mamma.com, Ixquick.com, Windseek.com, Findtarget.com, Search66.com and many more. This means that your site will be visible to more than 100 million searches per month.

Entireweb Express Inclusion program Overview

* Quick page listing - good for sites which need urgent distribution
* Guarantee that your site is kept in Entireweb's database
* Frequent page listing refresh - good for rapidly rotating stock
* Be able to tweak their HTML code to achieve a better ranking - rapid feedback loop

If you add a product, then people will know about it shortly after.

We highly recommend you to try the Entireweb Express Inclusion program.

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