Wow how time flies! It has been around 10 years since my arrival to the WWW. Seems like only yesterday I was surfing the web looking at various web pages with out a clue on how they worked or what made them tick. It did not take me long to get curious and begin to click on view source and begin to look at that mysterious HTML code. Now long since taken over by DHTML, XML and others. But still there just in another form.

Then after 5 years of surfing, came the questions from friends and others about the web. What a wonderful experience seeing the light bulb turn on in others. I set out to learn all I could but actually never specialized till now. Gaining a strong working concepts of various web topics I set out to share information about the web and web promotion for free.

It has been a great success over the years. The Web information Resource
for Newbies has survived many ups and downs and has had almost a million unique visitors over the years. Don't say wow because that is nothing for a web site. Its actually low to moderate traffic. The major players receive that many uniques in days weeks or months.

I decided it was time to shift my focus and actually specialize. I decided after much thought to enter the SEO arena. Its very competitive and full of expert professionals. Highly skilled and knowledgeable in search engine optimization. But hey!! I am a self made, self taught Master of the Web, that has enjoyed the full exposure of the internet. Now I have entered the fray with lots of experience in web promotion information and knowledge. I built my world on the web the old fashion way. With one on one contacts. Having been in all the major Search Engines all this time with my little mom and pop web site. But having good indexing and better ranking than some that are pulling out all the stops.


But enough about me. How about you and your web site? Is it a new site? Is it a older site some what established? How is your title? Do you have keywords in you meta tags? Are you using robot text files? Are your keywords distributed in your body text? Are you using anchor text and hyper links that anchor your theme? Are you linked to and linking with other sites? Do you have P/R by the bench mark web sites and search engines. How many pages does your web site have that are spider friendly?

Have you submitted your web site to the major search engines? Have they been submitted to directories? Have you avoided FFAs? Are you using the various forums and blogs that fit your theme? Can your site be found in the major search engines using your specific key words and or phrases?
Do your keywords phrase and anchor text have relevance against the theme of your web site and its web pages? Are your hyper links well placed? Are you using a site map?

The trick to it is being able to answer a resounding yes to all of the above! There are more questions but those are some key areas.
If you can answer yes to at least half, then you are on your way. If you answer no or maybe to most you need to rethink your layout and site structure. If you are thinking about building a new site. Take your time and think it out. Build it for full optimization and placement the first time. That way you will not have to go back an revamp your site. Even more so if it is not using CSS style sheets shtml, cgi or data base drive content.

Setting down on paper your theme and content is the most critical part of
building a new web site. Starting from scratch with subject topics and intent is the first step. Then build on the content. Making note of key phrase and key words. Considering their placement on each web page. Words have become the hinge pin of the net. Now they literally have monetary value. Words can also be a significant hook for your visitors. they can mean the difference between a person hanging around on your site as a potential sale, or immediately clicking away lost for ever.


Choose your words wisely. Even more so if you have not purchased your domain. The name of your web sites domain can make you or break you when it comes to placement and visibility in the search engines. It should match your web sites theme as close as possible. Availability of domains can have an effect on what name you choose. The use of a thesaurus online or off line can be a big help and a great tool. It can help you find alternative words for your web site and its theme.

Once you have settled on some ad copy and relevant text. In other words your theme and keywords and phrases. The rest comes in the structure of your Title, Meta tags and body text. Also your link structure, and coming up with ways to get reciprocal links. How your sites web pages will be created. How you will maintain and manage your web site once it is build.

You might say to yourself. How in the heck can I do all of this? Well it is a lot of work. But it can be done with time and effort and some thought. Doing it right the first time will save you lots of headaches in the future. Your web sites success in visibility and web traffic will begin slowly, but surely it will grow over time.

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