Publicity is the most powerful marketing method for online and offline businesses. That's why many business owners advertise their businesses in newspapers, on TVs and Radios, in newsletters, journals, magazines and other publications.

But, advertising your business in media is unfortunately extremely expensive. You have to issue attractive adds with color photos to grab the attention of the readers of the print media, among so many eye catching ads of your competition. To generate a competitive advantage through advertising in media is not affordable at all for new businesses, especially for start ups.


Advertising on TV is even more expensive. So, it's very hard for many businesses to advertise their offers to target audience in print media and on TV, if not totally impossible.

Then, how can business owners who don't have big budgets to spend on very expensive advertising campaigns promote their businesses to catch the competitive advantage? Isn't there any affordable way for them to market their ventures effectively?

Yes, there is. In fact, there are two very effective marketing strategies, even much more powerful than those expensive advertising campaigns . . . and they are mostly FREE to use!

You can get FREE Publicity writing Articles and Press Releases. Here you have to design a public relations campaign instead of an advertising campaign. There are relatively easy ways to design a public relations campaign.

Most businesses around the world use these two powerful marketing strategies frequently. They are:

1. Sending informative articles to print media.

2. Sending Press Releases to both print media and to TV and radio stations.

However, you should definitely know that articles and press releases are not advertisements. They are not advertising materials. If you try to directly promote your business in your articles and press releases, they most probably would not get published.

You should know how to write an article and a press release abiding by certain rules, if you want to get publicity. We provide information on how to write an article and a press release in the right way to catch the attention of the editors and journalists first.

There is an important difference between articles and press releases.

Articles must provide information on certain subjects that the target audience would benefit from.

You should remember to avoid starting paragraphs and/or listings with numbers in your article. Instead prefer to use bullets when necessary.

Press Releases must have a news value. A news that reporters would love to write about.

Press Releases must be written in a special news story format. Keep in mind that good articles and press releases, with one or more attractive color images when necessary, would attract the attention of the visitors, and help increase traffic to your websites.

There are hundreds of thousands of media outlets which would accept your press releases at no cost. If your press release has a news value, especially a news general public would love to read, editors will love to write about your news, and media will gladly publish and broadcast it for free. You will get absolutely free publicity.

Therefore, don't be shy to write articles and press releases and send them to online and offline media, regularly. If you don't have time to write and send your articles and press releases to media outlets yourself, or don't know how and where to send them, you can submit them to a PR company, or to an article and press release distribution service provider.

If you cannot write your press releases and articles yourself for any reason, you can easily find freelance writers who will gladly write beautiful articles and press releases professionally for you. Press release and article distribution service providers can help you find the best writers.

There are many websites on the Internet where excellent press release or article distribution services are offered at affordable prices or even at no cost.

They will send your writings to tens of thousands of media outlets, including daily and non-daily newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, talk shows, online media, e-zines, newsletters, news portals, syndicates, free content providers, independent editors, journalists, columnists, and relevant websites.

You or the distribution companies you choose can turn your articles and press releases into RSS feeds too, and send them to hundreds of thousands of syndicates and websites which distribute and publish free or fee based content. You can reach millions of more targeted recipients sending out RSS feeds.

When your article published in a popular publication you can reach all its readers and subscribers, people will start to see you as an expert in your field. You will gain more respect, more credibility which are extremely important factors to grow your business.

Think about what your business will gain when your article(s) are published in many publications.

Can you imagine what you will gain when your press release gets publicity in popular newspapers and magazines, or when your news broadcast on TV and radios?

You will reach multi-millions of target audience in the most powerful way. Those multi-millions of target audience would not only hear your news, but they would believe it! Because people believe what media says in news much more than very expensive advertising campaigns.


Therefore, getting free or low cost publicity in media through your articles and press releases, which are announced as news on TV and radios, and published in print media, or discussed in a talk show, are extremely valuable marketing strategies providing you and your business with great benefits, substantially increasing your sales, revenues, profits and ROI, which you cannot achieve with extremely expensive advertising campaigns.

Smart business owners know the importance of getting publicity, so they constantly use these most powerful marketing methods sending out several articles, RSS feeds and press releases almost weekly..

Of course, business owners should do everything they can to get publicity in media through their articles, RSS feeds and press releases if they really want to succeed in their legitimate, decent ventures. Repeated publicity will definitely help them build fortunes, grow their businesses fast, and keep growing forever!