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Also, for the latest 18 months, we have included a weekly poll in the newsletter, and below, we have compared some polls that previously have been seen in this newsletter and tried to learn something about where the market is going.

Please note that the below statistics (polls) are based on our newsletter that has been sent to all our subscribers (currently more than 640,000).


Example #1

On December 15th, 2005, we asked you the following question:

Are you switching to Firefox?

Then on December 14th, 2006, almost exactly 1 year later, we asked the following question:

Have you switched to Firefox?

Comments & Conclusion: It's interesting to see that Firefox is still going strong and keeps narrowing that gap down to IE. (Internet Explorer) By our looks on it, this trend will keep on going.

Example #2

Another interesting poll were the one that addressed the online payment issues.

On May 23rd, 2006, we sent out a newsletter with the following poll included:

Does your business accept credit card payments?

About 11 months later, on April 10th, 2007, the results were the following on the same question:

Comments & Conclusion: The first thing we notice here is that the percentage of users with no business has become significantly smaller, but also that the percentage of the ones that now have created a business, is divided into two groups, one that accept online payment and one that doesn't.

Example #3

Some of the most interesting polls that we can compare are the ones with search engine related content.

On March 28th, 2006, we had the following question included in the newsletter:

When using search engines, do you usually find what you are looking for?

364 days later, we asked the exact same question:

Comments & Conclusion: As you can understand, this is a highly relevant poll for us at Entireweb, as a search engine. You can clearly see that search engines are becoming a more reliable source when it comes to finding information as the percentage of users that don't find what they are looking for are just half compared to the year before.

Example #4

Last but not least, we want to show you some results on the security thoughts of Internet users.

On January 24th, 2006, we asked this question:

Do you believe Linux beats Windows on security?

Then on March 13th, 2007, we asked the same question:

Comments & Conclusion: Well, this may be a surprise to many, but the 'hype' about Linux beating Windows on every aspect when it comes to security has not increased as many may have thought, since we see that the numbers are almost the same as last year.