The internet stores a massive amount of information and much of that is in text. To find quality content to return for search queries the search engines look for sites with text content and the more the better.

If you have ever wondered why your website is not receiving any traffic, you are probably looking for a way to increase it. Most webmasters on the internet are because they realize that traffic is what will make their site a success.

You should consider taking a two pronged approach to building links. The first method for building links is through submissions of your site to quality webs directories. Every link you get to your site is not only a vote in popularity, but also a doorway for traffic. Every quality link you can get through directory submissions will bring more relevance to your site.


How you can use article marketing.

The first way you can use article marketing is by going to article directories. If you can't write your own unique content (which is preferred) for your site, you can use the content from article directories to place on your site for content as long as you retain the authors resource box. You need the content there for the search engines to spider when they visit through all the linking pathways you created when submitting your site to quality web directories.

As we covered the internet contains a massive amount of information and people search for it every day. The more links you have pointing to your site and the more content you have on it relevant to your sites niche, the better you will rank for search engine queries.

Another way to use article marketing is by writing your own unique articles on topics related to your websites niche and submit them for publication to the best article directories. These articles will create some links to your website to increase its popularity and with each link comes another doorway for traffic to find you.

When you write and publish these articles, you are also letting the public know you have expertise and knowledge on the subject. To get the reader's attention, give them a quality, well written article filled with information.


Build links through quality directory submissions to increase your site's popularity and create doorways to traffic and search engines. Then use article marketing to provide quality on-site content for the search engines to spider when they arrive.

The more quality web directories you submit your site to, the more article content you provide on your site and the more articles you submit for publication on article directories, the more search engines will love your site.

These are some of the key elements to creating traffic and building a successful website. You can have the best website on the internet, but without proper promotion your visitors will never find you. If they do not find you, they cannot use the services that you provide.

Now it is time to get started.