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October 19, 2010
Issue 634
Google reaffirms commitment to China - October 19, 2010
Google vice president John Liu on Tuesday reaffirmed the firm's commitment to China, the world's largest web community, after its harsh battle this year with Beijing over censorship and...
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Apple's Steve Jobs Attacks Google, RIM During Earnings Call - October 18, 2010
Apple CEO Steve Jobs made an uncharacteristic appearance on his company's quarterly earnings call Oct. 18, offering attacks on both Google and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion.
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Rakuten, Baidu Open Online Mall in China - October 18, 2010
Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten Inc. on Tuesday opened an online shopping mall in China with China's Baidu Inc., attempting to tap the nation's burgeoning Internet sector. Rakuten will...
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Google Instant Costly as It Prepares for Mobile - October 18, 2010
Google Instant cost the search engine a lot of money to build, and it burns through a lot of hardware and software computing resources. But people like it, so it's going mobile this fall.
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Who Are Google Instant's Golden Winners?

Google's new Instant real time search has sent massive shock waves through the online SEO and search engine market community.

If you're a webmaster or an online marketer you're probably checking your stats/traffic/conversion numbers like never before - Google sure knows how to make everyone dance!

None of this would matter if Google wasn't the most dominant search engine on the planet. Google means traffic, Google means targeted customers, and Google means money in the bank for countless online marketers and webmasters who receive all of the above from the little search engine that roared.

What is really frightening, Google almost has a monopoly on the online search market, especially now with Yahoo being powered by Bing. Webmasters and marketers can now only rely on two search engines to supply their search traffic.

While there are numerous sources of viable traffic on the web outside of the search engines... many marketers already have the majority of their online marketing geared to the search engines, especially Google.



Most of these same marketers were instantly worried (some say horrified) how Google's new real time search would impact their marketing, especially their long-tail keywords which bring in most of the sales?

While the jury is still out on that one, other issues are popping up regarding "paid listings" and how it is now more dominant in search results, pushing the free organic listings down further and sometimes pushing them out of the fold.

Even with the arrow keys now coming into play, many searchers are just too lazy to scroll and will just click the first visible listings.

Perhaps even more important are the results which pop-up when you first start typing in your search query. These are really the golden winners in Google's Instant Search. Having your site or company listed when a searcher types the first letter - has to be a real traffic bonanza.

Now these results vary from country to country, the results showing for the United States are slightly different from those showing for Canada.

Again, Google is showing why it is the top search engine in the world - the Canadian results are well matched with NHL, Canadian Tire, BMO, Rogers, Via Rail... all showing up.



Below you will find a list of the 26 American and Canadian Golden Winners in Google's new Instant Search. These first letter offerings will vary somewhat according to your location and as search queries change over time. Plus, if you're logged into Google, your starred or bookmarked favorite sites will be listed at the top.

United States      Canada

amazon............air canada
best buy..........bmo
craigslist........canadian tire
jet blue..........job bank
kohls.............kijiji max
verizon...........via rail

As you can plainly see there are some differences in the instant listings for each country, reflecting the search queries which are made. Regardless, those websites which pop up first will no doubt get much more traffic, especially for the commercial sites and companies. These golden winners are smiling all the way to the bank.

About the Author: Titus Hoskins is a full time online affiliate marketer who operates numerous niche sites, as well as two sites on Internet Marketing, where you can get valuable marketing tips for free: internet marketing tools or try here: free marketing courses.


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