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November 16, 2010
Issue 638
Facebook Debuts New Messaging Service - November 16, 2010
Facebook unveiled a new email-based messaging based service to its 500 million users, putting it in more directo competition with established giants Yahoo! and Google.
(Full article at International Business Times)

Baidu Struggled in China, Too - November 16, 2010
Google failed in China because it did not understand the Chinese Internet market, not because the playing field was unfairly tilted against it, said Robin Li, the chief executive...
(Full article at

Study: Are Google Searches Affecting the Stock Market? - November 15, 2010
A joint study by academics in Germany and the U.S. sheds new - and disturbing - light on the power of Google. Published today in the latest issue of Philosophical Transactions of the...
(Full article at TIME NewsFeed)

Ask search engine laying off 130 staff - November 11, 2010 is laying off about 130 engineers as it abandons its own technology for indexing and recommending websites. The retreat is aimed at cutting's costs while...
(Full article at NZ Herald News)


Simple Tips for Email Marketers

The mere mention of email marketing can get some people very upset. The first thing that many folks think of when they hear about this kind of marketing is spam mail.

No one likes to get spammed. If a person so much as suspects that you are going to send unsolicited emails as a part of your marketing campaign, you are going to be in for a struggle.

There is really no need for people to assume that all email marketing is spam. In recent years many sites have begun to offer more opt-in email programs that let people subscribe only to the companies and information that they want to receive.

Of course some businesses will continue to spam people, and that is unfortunate. It gives a bad name to marketers and business owners who are taking a customer friendly approach to email marketing. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want your email marketing campaign to be successful.



Personal and Personality

When you are writing the copy for your email marketing keep it personal. People do not like to receive broadcast messages that make them feel like nothing more than a number.

You should strive to make every conversation with the customer via your marketing material come off as a one-on-one conversation. Use terms that make the reader feel like an individual like "you" and "yours" during the course of your sales pitch. It is always good to use a distinct, personable voice in your emails too.

People don't want to think that they are receiving an email from a robot, so keep things professional, yet relaxed and friendly. The more personal you make your sales material, the more likely you are to get good results.

The first and perhaps the most obvious tip for writing a successful email to drive a marketing campaign is to make sure you address the recipient by name.

Not only will this ensure that the email has the personal touch and stop the recipient feeling like an unloved random, but it will also begin to build that all important relationship between the customer and you, the salesperson. The increase in conversion rates by applying this simple rule is simply incredible.



Links for Interaction

Sales experts have used scientific proof to show that people who interact with a process are more likely to stay involved. Don't make your email marketing materials stagnant and static. Use interactive linking in them to really get a customer clicking. Give links to good, relevant information for the reader. Guide them with ease to the products you are selling with clickable links. Offer attached documents as incentive to keep them coming back to your site again and again.

Don't overload your email writing with visual graphics. There are many email programs and ISPs that block these kinds of things and your email can end up looking terrible on some people's computers.

Keep the links to relative information in your marketing text and you are making the process of communicating with your company very interactive.

Keep all of your email marketing personal, with a distinct and friendly personality. Offer readers a measure of interaction with your materials, and you will virtually guarantee a successful email marketing campaign.

About the Author: Joe Praveen Sequeira is an award winning, best-selling author, speaker, educator and professional Internet Marketing Consultant focused on helping businesses of all sizes, increase their online sales, boost web site traffic and strengthen their overall brand through established online marketing strategies. He is the Founder & CEO of The eMarketing Pro, a thriving Internet marketing and eBusiness consulting firm.


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