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December 14, 2010
Issue 642
Report: Yahoo to lay off 600-700 workers - December 14, 2010
To the surprise of absolutely no one, Yahoo will lay off between 600 and 700 employees, perhaps as early as Tuesday. This represents about 5 percent of the struggling Internet company's...
(Full article at ITworld)

Google online search adverts 'dominant', says France - December 14, 2010
Internet giant Google holds a dominant position in the online advertising market linked to search engines, a French competition watchdog has said. But the Autorite de la Concurrence...
(Full article at BBC News)

Current Affairs And Football Top 2010 Tweet List - December 13, 2010
Twitter has revealed that news stars such as Paul the psychic octopus have topped its list of tweets for 2010. Twitter has released lists of the top terms tweeted by its users over the course of the...
(Full article at eWEEK Europe UK)

Microsoft and Google's war takes to the skies - December 13, 2010
Microsoft - along with a number of other new companies - has joined an increasingly large bandwagon trying to keep Google from purchasing ITA, a provider of flight information for...
(Full article at Reuters)


Are You A Creative Salesperson?

Are you a creative salesperson? Have you ever asked yourself this question? As an entrepreneur, you need to have a lot of tools in your toolbox, and keep updating them. That's just the way it is.

As an online business owner, and Internet Marketer, you constantly need to come up with new ideas and solutions to build momentum for your business, and keep going.

At any point in time, there are three groups in the online marketing community:

* Those starting a new online business
* Those dropping out of an online business they started a few months ago
* Top three percenters

Your goal is to make it to the top three percent, if you are not already there, and be there for the rest of your online business life. In order for you to do this, you need to use your own intuition and creativity, apply your new ideas, and test them. If they work, keep doing them, and if not, replace them with new ideas.



Creativity is the the single one characteristic of all top selling salespeople, and it all depends on your self-concept. You are creative to the degree you believe you are. You will come up with creative solutions to the degree you believe you are creative.

Your creativity is stimulated by focused quality questions, pressing problems, and highly desired goals. The more intensely you desire to accomplish something, the more creative you are. The more specific the question, the more creative you are in answering it.

Creative selling begins with your thorough product knowledge. The better you know your product or service, the better you master the details, and the more creative you are in selling it.

In order to make it to the top three percent, you need to have some strategies in place, and improve them over time.

The rate at which you sell your products or services depends directly on how you present them to your prospective customers. Even if you have the best product or service in the world, you cannot sell them if you do not present them right.

By presenting your product, you let your prospects know what you have to offer, and what they can expect to have in exchange for parting with their money. In order for you to be able to do a successful presentation, you need to do a basic analysis.



Your basic analysis begins with three questions:

* What are the 5-10 most attractive features of your product? Or why should somebody buy your product? Or what is it about your product that makes it worthwhile that somebody should buy it?

* What needs of your prospective customer do these features satisfy? What benefits does it offer? What is in it for the customer to purchase your product? (Your customers buy based on benefits not features)

* Why should they buy from your company?

Also you need to sell strategically. In strategic selling, you begin by identifying your best possible customer market, and concentrating on it single-mindedly.

The mistake that most salespeople make is that they attach the same value to every prospect. One prospect may be a hundred times worth the value of another prospect. Try to answer the following questions:

* Who is exactly your customer? Who buys your product or service right now?
* Who might be buying it in the future?
* Who bought it in the past?

Based on these questions, you can find your best market, and concentrate on it, rather than trying to sell to anybody that comes your way. You need to identify who is the best candidate to buy from you, and then concentrate on them. Thank you for reading.

About the Author: John Azh - To read more on related topics, please go to my blog at Have a wonderful time.


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