Google's New Search Algorithm and Social Signals

In this article, we'll talk about recent Google algorithm changes as of January 2011 and discuss social rank signals. The buzz on the internet is strong with these recent changes and this article may clear a couple things up.

There has also been a lot of talk about social rank signals. I'll clear this up right now. If you have a high PageRank Twitter profile, the links you tweet will have an effect on the search activity related to that link; it could potentially help you to rank higher.

If authority Tweeters are retweeting your information, it will influence the search engines to place that information closer to users when they query on Google. Bing, for example, is taking into consideration how many times a particular link has been retweeted. I'm quite sure that Google is too.

What does this mean to web entrepreneurs and SEOs? To me, this means that we must be more social. It means that if you're not being an actual person on Twitter, you should start.

It's amazing how many people I see using Twitter as a way to blast out their products. The sad part about that is, no one pays attention to that anymore.


People are into connection. It's a human need. If you can legitimately build relationships with other tweeters in your niche or topic area, you'll be in a much better position to benefit from the social signals that effect search.

I've always used Twitter to talk to people. Sure, I share my content. Who doesn't? But your mission should be to connect with like minded people and interact with the people in your niche on the internet. It's much more fun that way!

It means that as an SEO or a web entrepreneur, you're going to have to implement Twitter and Facebook into your strategies for rank and exposure. Here are some steps I've taken that have allowed me to benefit from these new signals.

1. I've deliberately built quality relationships with high status tweeters. There is a natural way to do that. If you just work to actually make friends, you're golden. Pay attention to the blogosphere and see whos got high quality content and a great following. They typically talk to people on Twitter as opposed to just post their links.

2. Start replying to their tweets, retweeting their stuff and engaging them directly if you think their content is of high quality. The more you're in their minds, the more link opportunities, retweets and shares open up for you.


3. Spend more time talking to people on your social networks. Listen, the web is changing from an individual, every man for himself kind of situation to a world wide tribe and community based one. Now it's about engaging human emotion and connecting with people directly.

If you can keep those two things in mind, you're good. Start getting social. The web, as a whole is incredibly social so of course the search engines are going to have to keep up with that. Get your information in front of high status people and create massively powerful content for them to share with their audience.

If you actually followed me on Twitter, started replying to my tweets and proved to me that you are a real person, I'd absolutely retweet your information if it was quality. I haven't used Twitter much in the past but I've recently jumped on.

It's helped me tremendously. I've gotten tons of retweets, traffic as a result and built some amazing relationships with other bloggers. The bottom line? Come out and get social.