How to Write Good Website Content

The number one thing that you can do to get a great website that people will visit is to offer good website content. Writing solid content for your website is vastly different from any other type of writing.

Website content must be written in a specific way, because website readers are looking for something a little different from what the average reader wants.

Those who visit a website want to see:

* short punchy sentences
* sentences that allow them to scan
* bullet points that offer them a quick look
* visual tools such as images placed strategically in the content.
* easy to find main points
* relevant information or highlights in bold text.

The average internet website visitor wants to review the information that you are offering them in a specific way. Typically they want to review what you are offering to them in the most rapid possible way.

This means scanning the information that you offer, rather than spending a lot of time reading it.


While some visitors may want to read longer paragraphs, most do not.

The average website reader wants shorter sentences in the content that you offer. It should be easy to grasp the concepts that you are offering. Simplifying the most important information that you are offering is very important.

The biggest mistake that is made when writing website content for the internet is to leave gaping holes in the directions, or to fail to create your sentences in ways that people can understand.

Bear in mind as you are writing, that your content may be used by everyone. Age limits are not typical for any website. If you're writing about animal husbandry, or how to create a given craft, it should be written in such a way that anyone can understand it.

Taking very complex information and simplifying it is imperative. Give everyone the means to read it, whether they are in high school or in graduate school.

The best way to accomplish that, and the recommended method by every marketing company, is to write text that is geared toward high school level readers. Keep it neat, write short sentences and keep your text in a vocabulary level that is easy to read.


Typically, unless your website is geared toward another language and ONLY that language reader will be reviewing and reading, you will want all of your text written in English. ESL is not an option for most websites.

Creating pages that are easily understood means that your keywords should be kept to a reasonable level and appear naturally, not look as though they are stuffed into the text.

The most important component of your writing for the internet will be that you are developing content for humans to read. Too often we create content for the internet and base it on what we believe Google or some other search engine would like to see. That is a huge mistake.

Google puts their emphasis on a good customer experience. If you write for the human who is behind the computer, create your website content in such as way that it is impressive to them, the search engines will normally notice that and your content will rank higher.