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June 7, 2011
Issue 667
YouTube to screen latest Bollywood Blockbusters free - June 7, 2011
YouTube is introducing a new weblink for the movie buffs in India titled 'YouTube Box Office'. The exclusive channel will feature a premium block buster movie every...
(Full article at The Economic Times)

Yahoo!, Hotmail accounts targeted by hackers - June 6, 2011
Following in the footsteps of recently disclosed attacks on Gmail accounts, TrendMicro warned late last week that similar compromises appear to be affecting Yahoo! and...
(Full article at Infosecurity)

Google, Bing, Yahoo Start for Content Markup - June 3, 2011
Google and rivals Bing and Yahoo teamed to improve Web content markup information for Website publishers with the new initiative. Those top three search engines...
(Full article at

Twitter Upgrades Search Engine, Simplifies Photo Sharing - June 1, 2011
Twitter has revamped its search engine, improving relevance and adding multimedia content to results, and in a few weeks it will start letting users attach photos to their...
(Full article at PCWorld)


The Four Steps of a Successful SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization or SEO is actually a complete package of services that every website needs to have these days.

The competition is such that if you are seriously focusing on internet as a means of marketing and making money, then you cannot do without an SEO strategy.

With search engine optimization, everything about the website, that is, on and off the page, can be improved.

Through SEO, the web traffic to the website can be increased and search engines will also find the website good enough to be ranked high. But all this is done in an effort to make the website more visible and be able to generate more sales.

For any business, every visitor viewing its website is a potential buyer. More potential buyers are brought in with SEO and this means that there are more sales.

SEO is also not a process which can be forgotten at any point or can be achieved fully only once. You need to always improve and improvise the SEO methods so that your website is always ranked high and is seen by more and more people.



Remember that nothing in the internet world is static. There is always movement and changes so you need to stay updated.

A good SEO strategy can be broadly broken up into four steps. Each of these is important and integral to the whole, as the whole thing can only provide the desired results.

The first of these steps is the website analysis.

During this phase you should do a detailed study of your website, analyse it point by point, its structure, layout, content, SEO details, visitor reactions and appeal.

You should be able to see what keywords are being used, how effective these are depending on the ranking of the website on search engines.

Then, you will see if the visitors are allowed to post their feedback, what the feedbacks say, how good and relevant is the content, what follow-up procedures are done to keep a client, the RSS feeds on your page and links.

You should also be able to check which search engines your site appears on and check the effectiveness of your search engine marketing (SEM).



The second phase is to analyse your rivals or competitors in the same way.

While each detail is noted as for your site, a comparative study is also conducted. The competitors are first identified according to the audience and then every detail is noted starting from ranking to website structure and even links. These services will help to put your links on these sites on a sharing basis.

The third step is to define what needs to be done after studying your website and comparing it to your competitors' websites.

The three steps above should provide you with ideas on how to improve the web traffic to your page and in effect, increase your sales.

The fourth step is the implementation plan and the assessment of the results achieved.

Please note achievements do not happen overnight, they are a gradual process.

About the Author: M. Moume is a veteran Internet marketer with stint in traffic generation. For Free Tips on how to increase traffic, visit the traffic guide and enjoy the true benefits that comes with more visitors in your business.


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