How To Get New Content Ideas From Your Competitors

If Researching one's competition is the most popular method for content creation nowadays, and it is the one being used by a great number of Internet marketers. The reason for this is very simple - you need to know your competition's scores to be able to beat them.

If they have achieved certain rank among search results for a particular keyword, they did so with a known number of web pages devoted to that keyword, with a known keyword density and with a known number of backlinks.

Knowing these stats will make it easier for you to realize where you are standing and what steps need to be taken if you want to claim the top position.

Analyzing your opponents will also enable you to see what they are doing right and what they have missed to do, of which you can then take advantage.

You should visit their websites and try to think as a regular user - what this site has to offer and how is information presented to visitors.


Especially pay attention to landing pages that are competing for the same keyword as you do. Assess the content presented there as well as number of supporting pages that are linking to the landing one, as well as the average number of words on each.

Note if there are any special content parts that cannot be found elsewhere and that is of particular importance for your industry.

You should not observe your competition's websites as patterns that you should mimic.

Instead, try to find the holes in their information that you could use and accentuate on your website, therefore offering something of value to visitors that your competitors do not have.

You will decide what changes should be made on your own website depending on general comparison and overall impressions that you acquired.


You should especially look for ways to stand out, be different and offer something that your competition does not have - be it depth of information, quality of services, uniqueness of your products and so on.

Still you need to first reach the point where they are now, if they are much ahead of you.

Therefore, you should pay special heed at what techniques are they using for their own marketing and how well they are linked with other websites and resources.

Besides the content quality, this is also something you will need to work on.

In short, make certain that your website provides no less than your competitors' do, but in your own original way and then try to find a way to set your website apart.