Getting Genuine Free Testimonials for Your Product the Easy Way

All online businesses know the power of solid testimonials because your prospects will feel more trusting toward you and your offer.

Just like anything else, some forms of social proof are more effective than others, and that is why we are here today.

Read carefully because what you are about to discover can really transform your conversions.

Get Case Studies as Testimonials

If you're selling a good product that has helped a number of people, then there are high chances that you can do a case study by selecting a few successful customers. You probably know what a case study is, but generally speaking they are very in-depth and cover a lot of points.


This makes it the ideal thing to focus on, because ultimately case studies are also testimonials. This is a perfectly reasonable method to find out the experiences of your customers and present it to potential customers.

If you look around, you'll notice that many big companies have a section on their site which highlights the case study of a few of their good customers.

Your site visitors will be able to read all the in-depth information and draw their own conclusions.

Provide Easy Ways For People to Leave Free Testimonials

Make all the effort you can to encourage people to provide their input about your site. For instance, most of the contact pages on websites are either about providing sales support or dealing with various customer queries.

That is the usual scenario, and that really is a missed opportunity. It is acceptable to place something else on those pages to the effect of sending you their ideas of any kind of feedback. This is such a simple thing to do, and you never know what will happen.


Target Your Testimonials On Your Site To Match Products

When you're collecting testimonials, you should try to go as targeted as possible. Your audience should be able to relate to the people writing these testimonials.

People are predictable in many ways due to human nature and the way we all behave. So it is a simple matter of just getting relevant testimonials that people can identify with.

This is what you can do in the beginning, and in time people will be more willing to offer them.

If you start taking action on the points that we discussed in the above article, you'll realize that acquiring quality Free testimonials from your customers is not a big deal.