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July 26, 2011
Issue 674
Should Microsoft unload Bing? - July 26, 2011
Microsoft should consider selling Bing, says a Reuters opinion piece that's gained attention in the last day or so, after being published last Friday. Though the search engine has...
(Full article at CNET News)

Baidu's Internet Search Engine Revenues Surge In China - July 26, 2011
Chinese search engine company Baidu Inc. announced its unaudited financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2011, and stated that as its tax rate increased, so did its profit.
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Google Directory Has Been Shut Down - July 25, 2011
Google's Directory, a relic of eras past, has been removed - with essentially no fanfare. This shutdown is part of a broader effort to focus in on a smaller but more...
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Microsoft-Yahoo Search Partnership Brings Underwhelming Returns - July 24, 2011
Microsoft's venture into Internet search may quickly prove to be its biggest flop, as the company reported that its Bing search engine expects to lose more than $2.5 billion this...
(Full article at Wall St. Cheat Sheet)


Online Ad Spending to Reach $50 Billion in 2015 - Up From $26 Billion From 2010

Analysts have pegged the Online Ad spending to reach an all time high of $50billion in 2015. Thanks to a surge in banner Ad marketing, from the likes of Google and Yahoo. $50b is a total of nearly double of last year's online ad spending of $26 Billion.

For a long time everyone has known that Internet marketing is on a high, and is on a steady increase, but this statistic really highlights the rate in which internet marketing is growing.

This growth can simply be put down to the massive growth in Internet traffic over the last few years, in which is being pushed by the advancements in technology.

For the first time ever Smartphone sales have over taken dumbphone sales, putting the internet into the hands of a huge percentage of the world.

Getting your brand/company's name on the Internet is becoming more and more relevant and essential. In the coming years you're going to find that if you're not on the internet, your business is going to become irrelevant.

Just look at today, online stores has had an impact on physical stores; Digital Music sale has heavily affected physical sales, now even 2% of American couples met online through dating websites. It's becoming an ever increasing digital world. Embrace it or be left behind.



Back to my original point about online Ad spending, there are lot of websites out there and making your website seen is becoming ever increasingly harder. So buying into a good online marketing is just about one of the best things you can do to make sure your website is successful.

Personally I think the best three online marketing tools, are: Search engine marketing, Social media marketing, and Pay per click marketing.

Search engine marketing - There is a good chance when you have been browsing the internet looking for something, you have used a search engine, be it Google, Yahoo, Bing; which ever is your preference.

The website you clicked and potentially went on to spend your money on was one of the first pages on the results. So it only makes sense for you to want your website to be ranking right at the top of relevant search queries.

The way you can do this is by having your website Search engine optimized, a developer will work on your site making it appear higher up the rankings.

Pay Per Click - PPC is those banners and adverts you see at the sides of pages. Paying to have an advert is a great way of getting your brand image and message across. Making your ad as colourful and as interesting as you want.

Typically you only spend on every time someone clicks your banner, hence the name PPC.



Social Media - creating a social profile for your company can be hugely beneficial. The main two social media networks for this would be Facebook, and Twitter.

With a business Facebook page you can keep your fans up today with latest news on your business, host competitions and events to help with repeat custom and retaining brand loyalty.

Twitter is great too because you can reach out to brand new customers, and inform new people of your business that would have not heard of your company before.

So this is where all of that money is going, into funding all of these online marketing routes. Internet marketing is an immensely fast growing business; new marketing opportunities and options are springing up all the time, keeping on top of it and staying relevant online is going to be the most important thing innext few years.

Mark my words, if you don't, you'll disappear.

About the Author: Julie A Smith - Digital Clicks is an internet marketing agency utilising the internet through SEO, PPC, SMO, Web Design and Online Reputation Management to help your business make more money and generate more enquiries.


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