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Instagram Brands
NOVEMBER 29, 2013
25 Of The Most Engaged Brands On Instagram
Each of the Top 25 Brands on Instagram could probably give us 25 reasons why they love it, which may have a lot to do with those dollars signs. Instagram has reached a whopping 130 million users and had 16 billion photo uploads in the last 6 months.
John Rampton | Full article
Baidu Thailand
NOVEMBER 29, 2013
Baidu to launch Thai search engine in 2014
The Chinese Internet giant will roll out its search engine and other products for the Thai market, which is among its overseas expansion priorities that also includes Indonesia, Brazil and Egypt.
Ryan Huang | Full article
Microsoft Encrypted
NOVEMBER 27, 2013
As Microsoft Moves to Encrypted Search, Webmasters..
Microsoft is reportedly looking at encrypting their Internet traffic which would include their search results, in response to the NSA spying controversy where it is believed that the NSA was able to gain access to Microsoft's global communication links.
Jennifer Slegg | Full article
Future of social is search
NOVEMBER 27, 2013
The Real Future of Social is Search
To understand why the future of social is search, let's look at why search has been turning its eye toward social. Search is all about findability. Whether paid or organic, the real goal of search is to be found by your target audience.
Erin Robbins O'Brien | Full article
Machine learning
NOVEMBER 27, 2013
Machine Learning Basics for Better Content & SEO Results
We've all heard the terms "machine learning" and "learning algorithms", but how much do you really understand about them? Do you understand what they're capable of learning and how they go about it? If not, it'll be helpful to..
Doc Sheldon | Full article
NOVEMBER 26, 2013
Improved App Store Search Engine Now Corrects..
A recent change to Apple's App Store search engine now leads to improved search results for misspelled queries with small typos, we've learned. In addition, searchers looking for an app they know by name, but are unsure if...
Sarah Perez | Full article
More 2012
NOVEMBER 26, 2013
Top 500 retailers increase paid search spending 25%
More shoppers are arriving at North America's largest e-commerce sites from search engines, as paid search spending increases for Internet Retailer Top 500 merchants, an analysis of Top500Guide.com data reveals.
Thad Rueter | Full article
Google Ad Labels
NOVEMBER 26, 2013
Google's Yellow Ads Label Now on Desktop Searches
Google is continuing to run tests on making their Google AdWords ads in search results clearly look like ads. The "Ad" or "Ads" label, which many people have seen on mobile search results, is now making an appearance for desktop searches.
Jennifer Slegg | Full article
SEO 2014
NOVEMBER 25, 2013
SEO in 2014: Prepare for Google's 2014 Algorithm Updates
Here are some suggestions for companies and SEO professionals that are thinking ahead to 2014 for their digital strategies, including a look at the future of content marketing, social media, Google+, mobile SEO, guest blogging, and more.
Jayson DeMers | Full article

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